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The Abel Smith Team

The Abel Smith name is associated with a long history of personal endeavour and community involvement. Indeed, our school logo represents youthfulness, forward-thinking, and high expectations which encompasses the Abel Smith team perfectly.

At the heart of our school is a vision for our children based upon the curriculum they will experience, the attitudes and qualities they will develop, and the sensation they will feel being part of a fully inclusive school - but in order to have this vision, it has to be dreamed first by those who make the magic of education happen.

Our vision is energised through the adults within the Abel Smith team. Great teaching and learning is not just left to chance, it is deliberately practiced and worked, it is planned and developed, it is grounded in love and a passion to put the child at the heart of everything we do with courage, care, and commitment. Every member of the Abel Smith team holds the school values close to their hearts and as a result, continues the long history of the Abel Smith name.

Staff list - Autumn 2021

Senior Leadership Team


Mr. Daniel Hewitt

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs. Nicola Law

Deputy DSL, EYFS Leader

KS2 Co-ordinator

Mrs. Anna Cockley

Deputy DSL, Designated Teacher, KS2 Leader, Mathematics Subject Leader

KS1 Co-ordinator

Mrs. Ellen Williams

KS1 Leader, English Subject Leader


Mrs. Amanda Berry

Deputy DSL


Year 6Mrs. Anna Cockley    

Year 5

Mrs. Lauren Barrs (Mon, Tues, Wed)

History & Geography Subject Leader

Mrs. Kate Sneddon (Thurs, Fri)

MFL Subject Leader

Year 4

Miss. Ella Pegg

Year 3

Miss. Josie Pinfold

Science Subject Leader

Year 2

Miss. Amy Debnam

Computing Subject Leader

Year 1

Miss. Helen Richards

Music Subject Leader


Mrs. Nicola Law (Mon, Tues)

Mrs. Ellen Williams (Wed, Thurs, Fri)


Mrs. Carla WilsonReading Leader

Early Years Teacher

Mrs. Loraine Daniels

Deputy DSL

PE Teacher

Mrs. Stephanie Tilbury

PE Subject Leader, PSHE Subject Leader, EV Co-ordinator

Teacher (Maternity leave)

Mrs. Holly Evans

Learning Support

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Karen Coghlan

Mrs. Wendy Devon

Mrs. Luella Gracias

Mrs. Angela Hamilton

Mrs. Ewelina Maron

Miss. Catherine McCarthy

Miss. Emily Pratt
Mrs. Michelle Pratt
Mrs. Karin Weeks

1:1 Learning Support Assistants

Mr. Gary Hodges

Miss. Daisy Kempf

Support Staff

Site ManagerMr. Terry Small
Office ManagerMrs. Siân Treasure

Finance Administrator

Ms. Emily Howarth

Midday Supervisor

Mrs. Oraphim O’Brien

School Cook

Mrs. Jane Small