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At Abel Smith, the aim of Religious Education is to help children to acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions represented in Great Britain. We aim to understand the way that religious beliefs shape our lives and our behaviour, develop the ability to make reasoned and informed judgements about religious and moral issues and enhance our spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.




The following religions have been selected for study:

  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Sikhism


  • RE is taught in a block every half term in order to fully immerse children in each topic, allowing key knowledge and skills to remain in long term memory. The curriculum projects are carefully sequenced and interconnected, to support children's learning over time. 
  • Children are immersed in their topic via a memorable experience, before learning key knowledge and skills.  At the end of each RE block, the children will apply their skills through an 'innovate' project before reflecting on their learning at the end of the project. 



The children at Abel Smith Primary School enjoy learning about other religions and why people choose to follow a religion. Through their R.E. learning, the children are able to make links between their own lives and those of others in their community and in the wider world. Through R.E. our children are developing an understanding of other people’s cultures and ways of life and worship, which they are then able to communicate to the wider community