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At Abel Smith, our intent is to develop a life-long love and enjoyment of language learning. Through fun, stimulating lessons we aim to foster our pupils’ confidence to communicate in another language whether that be through speaking, reading, writing or singing. We value the clear benefits language learning brings, be they personal, cultural or social. Alongside the teaching of key skills of vocabulary, phonic knowledge and grammar we believe it important to raise awareness and develop understanding of what lies behind a different language, namely rich, diverse cultures. We want to foster the confidence in our children to have no fear or reluctance to communicate in a foreign language and to broaden their perspective of life beyond our country’s borders.



 At Abel Smith, the modern foreign language we teach is French. All pupils receive one taught lesson every week, delivered by the subject leader. Teachers seek daily opportunities to weave spoken and written French into everyday classroom life through taking the register, classroom instructions, prominent signs around the school and writing the date in French. Children learn through active participation in actions, rhymes, stories, songs and games. They are able to access online activities and video clips to help embed language skills - teaching and reinforcing vocabulary, sentence structure and key grammar points. Whenever possible, we find opportunities for the children to engage with native speakers of the language.



Pupils value and take pleasure from the MFL curriculum we deliver at Abel Smith. They will be able to draw on a range of relevant vocabulary, be able to take part in a simple conversation and read and write sentences in French on a range of topics. Children will have enriched their language learning by developing an understanding of global Francophone culture. We aim for them to leave Year 6 as open-minded world citizens with an enjoyment of language learning. They will be confident to ‘have a go’ at communicating in a foreign language and feel well prepared and enthused to embark on further language study in Key Stage Three.

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