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Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)

Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) is the use of places other than the classroom for teaching and learning. Learning Outside the Classroom enables children to build bridges between theory and reality. Opportunities to learn in ‘real’ situations have the capacity to raise achievement across and range of subjects and to develop better personal and social skills, helping to develop independent, lifelong learners. 


Learning Outside the Classroom can help to bring learning alive and the outdoors can have an impact on areas of the curriculum as diverse as creative writing and personal and social development including wellbeing. LOtC also provides experiential opportunities allowing children to respond positively to opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities, to manage risk and to cope with change.


At Abel Smith, Learning Outside the Classroom is intertwined into our day-to-day curriculum and takes place within our school learning environment. Children frequently access learning opportunities in the hall, on the playground, the field and in and around the nature area. Teachers regularly plan Active Maths lessons, Scientific inquiries, fieldwork, observation lessons and learning through our orienteering site that take place outside and are mapped to the curriculum We also provide opportunities to explore and learn in the local area as well as visits further afield.