School Meals

At Abel Smith, we know that eating a good meal is extremely important to the well-being of all children, both mentally and physically. Led by Herts Catering, we aim to offer the right balance when it comes to your children’s meals at lunchtime.

Our school operates the Pupil Choice menu. At the start of the school day, teachers display the day’s menu and children choose which meal they would like. Food is freshly cooked on the premises and provided by a team from Herts Catering. Each child has the choice of a hot meat or vegetarian dish or alternatively a packed lunch option each day.

How Much Do Meals Cost?

Your child is entitled to a free lunch at school if they’re in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2.

For Nursery children school meals cost £2.35 per day or £11.75 per week.

From Year 3 onwards, school dinners cost £2.50 per day or £12.50 per week.

If you receive certain tax credits and benefits then you could be eligible for free school meals worth almost £450 per child per year.

You can find out if you are eligible and apply here.

You can find details about school meals, including menus, on the Herts Catering web page.