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Our PE Vision

At Abel Smith we believe PE is of very high importance. Having a physically literate child means they have the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of activities in multiple environments. This physical literacy is even more important in the current climate of screens, gaming, social media and more recently, Covid-19. At Abel Smith, we give our pupils 2 hours a week of high-quality Physical Education lessons.  


Our PE Curriculum is taught to not only develop your children physically, but also socially and emotionally. Healthy pupils will achieve more in school and we want to build the foundations of an active and healthy lifestyle early on. We want our pupils to be life-long lovers of physical activity, movement and sport.  

We give your children a broad, balanced and modern PE curriculum. We teach them life skills such as empathy, team work, resilience, cooperation, communication, problem solving, decision making, being gracious in defeat and humble in victory. We teach the importance of a physically and mentally healthy body. 


All pupils are given the opportunity to compete at festivals, intra-school competitions, (amongst team colours for example) as well as inter-school competitions. They compete in personal challenges during playtimes and they are all encouraged to look at their own performances and make improvements. Our children love competing and they have had great success in a wide range of activities over the last few years. We also understand that competition isn’t for everyone so we have also built up a great set of extra-curricular activities for children to play, enjoy and be with friends.  


Abel Smith have forged fantastic relationships with our community and we regularly take part in competitions and coaching clinics with a variety of our local friends such as Chance to Shine Cricket, Legends and Broxbourne Tennis Academy, Junior Sharks Rugby, Haileybury College and many more. This gives our pupils a next step if they wish to continue growing in their sport or whether they’d like to just continue the fun! 


Abel Smith children are happy, active children. PE, physical activity and sport helps children to develop into well-rounded individuals who are eager to continue their love of activity as they progress through school and beyond.  


We’re proud of the hard work our pupils display in PE and school sport.  

Go Team AS! 


Mrs Tilbury 

PE Teacher 

PE, School Sport and Physical Activity Road Map