Yr4: Final Update

What a trip!

The last three days have been such an adventure and the children have endured many challenging adventures. As mentioned in Mrs Langan’s previous update we have been very busy on our last day.

After our first session of Mud Painting we then went orienteering. The children were split into 3 groups, given maps of Hudnall Park and a starting position. They had to navigate their way around the course and stamp their tickets at each point. We were incredibly impressed with how well the children worked together to ensure that they all completed the course. They showed that they could persevere, communicate and positively encourage each other throughout. Nicola, our activity leader, was amazed at how well they did in regards to their teamwork combined with their map reading/geographical field work skills.

After orienteering we had our lunch before getting on the coach to return back to school. The children have been brilliant throughout our trip and we have all (including the teachers) thoroughly enjoyed the experiences and opportunities that were given to us. Some of the activities were mentally challenging while others were physical and we, as staff, are very proud of every child giving everything a go and trying something new!

We arrived back to school safely and on time, the children were excited to see their parents and we wish them all a lovely weekend!