Yr2: Art Week

During art week we focussed on drawing techniques. We drew pictures to show the meaning of vocabulary as well as drawing to music. We also learnt how to use sketching lines to create shape. Finally, we drew a picture of a river scene using the techniques that we had learnt through the week.

To finish off our drawings, we added water colours in 2 different techniques. One was to drip paints and inks onto wet paper to create the background, while the other was to use watercolour pencils as paintbrushes to add details and colour to the boat in the foreground.

We became teachers on Friday afternoon during our parent showcase/workshop! It was great to get our parents having a go at a few of the activities that we did throughout the week.

Thank you to those who came along, and for getting stuck in with our workshop. It was lovely to see you and we loved showing you our learning.

Here are a few photos of our final pieces coming together throughout the final days.