Yr2: Art Week

During art week we have been looking at the work of Ansel Adams.  We did some research about the type of work he did and what inspired him. We noticed that a lot of his work is focussed on nature and natural things in our world. Ansel Adams often worked on close up pieces focussing on just one leave of flower bud. We also noticed that most of his work is black and white.

Then we took part of a photo by Ansel Adams and used collage techniques to bring it out into a continued pattern. The children used tissue, felt, pencils and pastels to create different textures and effects inthier patterns.

Next we created our own viewfinders, which we took outside to explore images. We used this exploration to plan our images before taking photos and editing in our final sessions this week. The final images are amazing! They are very effective and now that they have been transformed into black and white they are even more spectacular!

Below are some pictures of us taking photos of the natural things around us.