yr 2: Working Walls

Our working walls show the journey through our learning in English and Maths.

As you can see, this week we have been reading the poem, The Owl and the Pussycat. First we looked at the tricky words… runcible was a fun word to define! Then we created a list of features (all decided by the children) so we could use them in our own writing. Our next lesson was looking at rhyming words, before we planned and wrote our own boat trip poems.

In maths, we started by looking at partitioning with blocks, splitting a number into tens and ones. Now we are using this knowledge to answer addition questions. First we did horizontal calculations like in the example, before moving on to column addition and eventually subtraction questions.  It is really important to continue to discuss the partitioning of numbers, even when moving onto more complex methods such as column addition.


We are starting to prepare for our Christmas performance, so words and costume letters have been sent home today. We still have plenty of time but practise makes perfect, so please encourage your child to read through their words regularly.