Yr 2: Resolutions

This week we have been thinking about the start of a new year. We talked about what people do to celebrate a new year. We shared our own celebrations and discussed ideas for the year ahead. We discussed the idea of New Year’s resolutions around the world as a way of challenging ourselves at the start of a new year.

We have each come up with 2 of our own New Year’s Resolutions, one based on our learning and one based on our value of the month – behaviours for learning.

We have been thinking about our learning so far in Year 2 as well as what we would like to find out. Then we have used this to come up with our own New Year’s resolutions based on what we already know and what we would like to find out about over the next year.

Then in our PSHE lesson, we thought about how we need to behave to help us to achieve our learning target. We thought of lots of fantastic ideas and even compared good behaviours for learning with not so good behaviours!

We have now created a display of our New Year’s Resolutions in the classroom. This will help us to remember them and to keep track of how we are doing.