Yr 2 and Yr 4 Parents!

This post must be a child free zone! Spoilers included!

Over the past 2 weeks in  English, year 2 have been learning about letter writing.  The finale of this topic was to write a letter to Father Christmas explaining what gifts we would really like.

Running  parallel to these lessons, Year 4 were writing letters of their own. When year 2 finished their letters we secretly lent them to year 4, who read our letters and carefully planned a letter in response. The children who have siblings in year 2 were lucky enough to write their sibling’s response, making this task really personal.

These letters were then sealed by Santa’s elves and the scene was set. The year 2 children really have received a personalised letter based on the letter that they originally wrote. Thank you Year 4.

For photos of the children’s  magical reactions please see Year 2’s post ‘Santa Came to Town’.

Merry Christmas!