Year 6 PGL Good Morning!

Good morning everyone!

We were all very kind to the teachers last night and went off to sleep by 11.30pm! We had a good nights sleep with no waking in the night.

This morning the teachers woke us up at 7am. We went down to breakfast at 7.30am and enjoyed toast, beans, veggie sausages, a host of cereal, fruit and orange squash.

Afterwards was the much anticipated room inspection! The teachers encouraged a song and dance as a welcome and assured the children they were easily bribed with sweets. The teachers loved some creative room organising, including mini labels for shoe piles and bears tucked safely in bed.

Mrs Law and Mrs Pratt have just completed the sensory trail with one group and perhaps enjoyed it a little too much! We can happily report that all the children are suitably wet and muddy. Meanwhile the other groups participated in Trapeze and Animation. More photos to follow from Mr Greene and Mrs Cockley’s groups later.

Ps Apologies for topsy turvy pics. Correctly orientated ones promised for later!