Year 4 Art Week

Our Summer term Art week topic has been focussed on collage. We started the week learning about Henry Matisse’s ‘The Dance’ and we used coloured tissue paper to make a collage of a dancer in this style. We then created our own sequence of movement and thought carefully about how to break a movement down and how to represent this through collage using tissue paper in the style of Matisse.

On Thursday we moved on to look at the work of Francis Bacon and the way in which he uses photographs to portray facial distortions. We used pictures from newspapers to try out a range of techniques and then we did a self portrait (with mirrors to help us) with half of our face being distorted in Bacon’s style.

On Friday we studied the work of Andy Warhol and created our own collage piece following Warhol’s style in his famous ‘Campbell’s Soup’ images.