Sports Day!

What a beautiful afternoon for our school sports day!

First, all of the children took part in the usual carousel of activities, including cross the river, sack race and good old egg and spoon! Each game took patience, teamwork and concentration. They all worked well together and supported one another through each task to achieve their high scores.

While these scores were tallied, we moved onto our infamous relay races. Reception stepped up to the plate first. They did brilliantly, especially as they have never done a relay race in such a way before! This race was followed by the rest of the school in turn, with each team working well to achieve their best. Well done to year 6 who competed for the final time at Abel Smith, you made us all very proud!

The children always love cheering on their team as well as their siblings and friends in other year groups. We would also like to thank all the parents, family and friends for coming along today to show their support too. Lots of fun was had by all!