Reception: Colour and Pattern

This week the children have really enjoyed exploring our new topic of ‘Colour and Pattern’ within the Expressive Arts and Design part of the Early Years  curriculum.

On Monday the class took part in ‘Big Talk’, when children shared their experiences from Bonfire Night.  We talked about traditions that take place on November 5th and the history behind this.  We worked together to set up a role-play outside.  The children were all keen to use their first-hand experiences.  They loved using their acting skills to sizzle sausages, cook burgers and sell all sorts of desserts and drinks!  They even sold sparklers! So much learning took place as the children made tickets, designed safety posters and handled money.  As you can see, fun was had by all!



Later in the week we studied an American artist called Jackson Pollock. We looked at his unique style of drip painting and worked on some group pieces as a class during our adult led lessons.  Once the children had mastered the technique they created a painting of their own, in the style of Jackson Pollock.  We will be putting these on display.