PGL – Day 4 (Thursday)

Group 3 are enjoying the sun (after a VERY wet evening last night!) We’ve had a good breakfast, sung happy birthday to Rubi, and are now enjoying quad biking! After lunch we’re looking forward to Aeroball, and Abseiling before our beach campfire tonight.

The consensus from group 3 is that Dragon boating, trapeze and Tunnel Trail are favourite activities so far. Sensory trail and Is splitting opinions though! Ellie loved animation, but wasn’t a fan of sensory trail and getting muddy. Axel is glad he had the experience of sensory trail but didn’t enjoy getting muddy or the cold water! However Jesse says it’s his favourite activity because “it was really fun and we’re never usually allowed to get muddy.” Otto & Francis loved not being able to see where they were going as ‘It challenged you to use your other senses’ (the clue’s in the name Boys!)