N: Being a good friend week

This week has been a friendship focus. We have had lots of fun thinking about our friends as nursery and how we can be a really good friend. We have done many activities throughout the week with this focus.

We have done some friendship colour mixing, where we mixed paint colours in our palms, it was slippery and slimy. We enjoyed looking at how the colour changed too. We made obstacle courses with a group of friends and helped each other through them with our words and some people held hands to support too. We drew pictures of our friends and some of us drew pictures for our friends to take home.  Throughout the week we made friendship bracelets, and played team building games. We also made a friendship book with pictures of us with our friends and photos of some of the other activities.

It was lovely to hear the children’s ideas about friendship and to watch as they put their ideas into practise throughout their play. Below are a few picture collages of some of the activities.