Gluten Free DT Week

We were looking at food and nutrition for our Dt project this term. We know that some people can’t eat gluten but we weren’t completely sure why how being gluten free can affect or change someone’s diet.

we started the week by researching and testing some gluten free products. We loved the taste of the gluten free cupcakes! Yummy! Then we thought about all the processes we needed to go through before making a gluten free cake of our own. We planned,designed and found a recipe to follow.

We loved making the cakes… we got a bit messy too! Once they were cooked we let them cook before we decorated us using icing. We learnt that some cake decorations are not suitable for a gluten feee diet so we had to choose our decorations very carefully!

Then, we finally got to taste our own delicious cakes! They were so tasty that some of us even ate out second cupcake as soon as we left school! Those that did get shared were very well received, lots of people later said that they had been delicious.

After we had tasted our cakes, we evaluated them, thinking about what worked really well and what we might make even better if we made them again.

Below are a few pictures of us making and eating our gluten free cakes.