Cookery club runs weekly on a Tuesday after school. It lasts for an hour and a half, finishing at 4.45, during this time we will follow a given recipe and cook the dish ready to be eaten at home after the club finishes. We cook a range of dishes both savoury and sweet, including, colourful kebabs and fruit crumble.

This club is led by Miss Rix and Miss Ardley and takes place in the Year 2 classroom. Collection from this club is at the front office entrance as we use the school kitchen to cook the dishes. Cookery club is open to Year 3 children in small groups. Each group will take part in roughly 6 weeks of cookery club before switching. All children who wish to participate will be given an opportunity to do so.

You will be given a recipe in advance so that you can prepare the ingredients at home first. With support, you should weigh out and prepare any ingredients that will be needed before bringing them to school in sealed, named containers.  This helps you to gain many skills, gives you an opportunity to choose some of the specifics (e.g. fruit, vegetables, meat) and also means that we will have time to fully prepare and cook the recipe at school in the time that we have.

Cookery Staff

Miss C Rix
Miss C Rix