Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 class page! My name is Miss Debnam and I work as part of the Year 4 team team with Mrs Tilbury and Ms Yunus. 

We love teaching Year 4, as this is where we become confident, independent learners ready for upper Key Stage 2.

Year 4 Staff

Miss A Debnam

  • Teacher

Mrs S Tilbury

  • Teaching Assistant


Term: Sumer 1


Week 1: Hudnall Park

Weeks 2: Victorian Poems

  • To experiment with different poetic forms
  • To express preferences and justify opinions
  • To write aTo explore how writers use language for dramatic effect
  • To explore how word meanings change in different contexts

Weeks 3 – 5 : Classic Stories: Oliver Twist

  • To be able to engage the audience orally and in writing
  • To use information in a text to visualise a setting
  • To use vivid language to describe settings and characters
  • To create atmosphere

Weeks 6 – 7 : Biography

  • To regognise the structural and organisational features of different forms of biography
  • To develop questions for research and research appropriate information
  • To organise information from a number of sources
  • To group information, moving from general to more specific details

Handwriting –Cursive script
Guided reading – weekly small group session focussing on HfL Steps


Week 1:

  • Understanding translations
  • Completing translations

Week 2:

  • Understanding discrete and continuous data
  • Presenting discrete and continuous data
  • Interpreting data presented in time graphs


Week 3:

  • Using data to solve comparison problems
  • Using data to solve sum problems
  • Using data to solve difference problems
  • Using data to solve multi-step problems

Week 4:

  • Converting using combined units
  • Converting using fractions of units
  • Choosing the most appropriate unit
  • Calculating the perimeters of compound shapes

Week 5:

  • Finding missing lengths
  • Understanding and calculating areas

Week 6:

  • Formal methods for multiplication and division
  • Formal methods for addition and subtraction

Week 7:

  • Fractions of amounts
  • Problem solving



  • Explaining the different types of electricity
  • Identifying electrical appliances and the electricity that they use
  • To identify complete and incomplete circuits
  • Identify and sort materials into electrical conductors and insulators
  • To explain how switches work and why they are used

Other Areas

Topic: Crime and Punishment

This half term we will be studying the Crime and Punishment. We will continue observing how crime, punishment and the legal system has changed through different eras in Britain whilst focussing on villain case studies and considering crime and punishment in the future

PSHE: – Values Based PSHE

P.E.– Cricket  and Swimming

Music– This term we will be following the Charanga unit ‘Reflect, Rewind and Replay’


Current Homework


  • Homework will be given out each Monday and must  be returned on the following Monday morning
  • Homework will consist of: Reading, Spellings, Grammar book & Maths book. Maths and grammar books will alternate every week.
  • In Year 4, children will have a weekly spelling test.
  • Children are expected to practise their times tables at home, up to 12 x 12. This will not be tested regularly, but there will be occasional times tables challenges for them to complete.