Classes & Curriculum

School Curriculum

The National Curriculum defines the programmes of study for key subjects in maintained/ state primary and secondary schools in England (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own equivalents). Fundamentally, it sets out what your child is supposed to learn and when. The National Curriculum is divided into sections called Key Stages. Children aged 6 and 7 years follow Key Stage 1. Children aged 8 -11 years follow Key Stage 2.

The new national curriculum has been introduced as of September 2014.

Which subjects are being taught at Abel Smith?

  • English – Led by Mrs C. Hodge
  • Maths – Led by Mrs N Law
  • Science – Led by Mrs A. Berry and Mrs N. Law
  • Computing including Esafety – Led by Miss Hayward
  • History – Led by Mrs E Williams
  • Geography – Led by Mrs E Williams
  • P.E – Led by Mrs A. Cockley
  • Music – Led by Miss A. Debnam
  • MFL (French) – Led by Mrs K. Sneddon
  • Art and Design and Design Technology – Led by Mrs G. Langan
  • R.E – Led by Miss A. Debnam
  • PSHE – Led by Mrs T Harper

KS1 Phonics and Whole School Reading Scheme

Currently, we use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme to teach our daily phonics learning in EYFS and KS1. We have an extensive range of fiction, non – fiction and poetry books in our reading scheme including titles from Floppy Phonics, Lighthouse, Fireflies, Glow Worms, Snapdragons, Songbirds and Ginn.