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Yr4: Mrs Langan’s update

Dear parents Thank you for preparing your children brilliantly for our trip; each child has been amazing and collectively they have been a pleasure. Last night the children were in bed and asleep by 10.45pm which meant that Miss Debnam, Mrs Alexandrou and I all got a good nights sleep. Waking the children up, rather […]

Yr 2: Computing

This half term in computing we have been learning about algorithms. When we were first introduced to this topic we didn’t even know what the word meant! But 6 weeks later we can explain the word, create our own algorithms and even debug them! We have used an online programme for bee bots to create […]

Yr 2: Science Experiment!

This week in Science we have completed an experiment to see if paper can be changed by twisting, bending and squashing. First we needed to plan the experiment, we thought about what equipment we would need and made predictions about which types of paper would be changed the most and least.  Then we tested the […]

Yr 2: ‘Trip’ 02.03.18

After a mad week of weather, we had to unfortunately cancel our class trip in its original form. However, our very adaptable year 2 team prepared trip activities that we could complete at school instead! First, we looked at 2 different seeds, a sunflower seed and a runner bean seed.  We compared the way they […]

Yr 2: World Book Day

This week we have been celebrating world book day. We started our week with a workshop from Westend in Schools thanks to our generous PFA. Our workshop was a dance based session retelling the story of Alice in Wonderland. The children used their facial expression and body movement to show the characters’ behaviours and emotions. […]

Yr 2: Internet Safety Week

This week was internet safety day. We met Lee, Kim and SID the superhero! SID reminded us of 4 very important tips: Don’t talk to strangers Always be kind Keep information private If you are unsure always tell an adult! We also met Hector and his friends who were learning how to use the internet […]

Yr 2: DT Week

This week in Year 2 we have been making hand puppets. First we started by looking at other hand puppets and working out what they were made from (these things are called components). Then we designed our puppets and planned what we would need to do to make our own. After this we started to […]

Year 4 Dance Festival

On Thursday 22nd February, 16 of our Year 4 children took part in the Hertford and Ware Schools Partnership Dance Festival at Hertford Theatre. The theme this year was ‘A Night At The Movies’ and we performed a dance to a remix of ‘Singing in the Rain’. We were very lucky to have Mrs Tilbury […]