Yr4: Mrs Langan’s update

Dear parents

Thank you for preparing your children brilliantly for our trip; each child has been amazing and collectively they have been a pleasure.

Last night the children were in bed and asleep by 10.45pm which meant that Miss Debnam, Mrs Alexandrou and I all got a good nights sleep. Waking the children up, rather than being woken up, was a treat!

We still have a few hours left to enjoy the peace of Hundall Park during which time we are going to have the best of fun. The children have shown compassion towards each other and outstanding team building skills, as well as sharing their general knowledge about the natural world in which they live.

We have taken lots of photos which we will share with you at a parent presentation. A date will be decided and published next week.

I will notify the school office of our departature which is expected to be 2pm so that we arrive back at school between 2.45 and 3.00pm.

We will post one final update later on day to share our last few experiences.