Year 5

Hi, My name is Mrs Hodge and I am the year 5 class teacher and lead English throughout the school. I love working with the children in my class to prepare them for the challenging year ahead.

Year 5 Staff

Mrs C Hodge

  • Senior Leader
  • Teacher

Mrs T Fordham

  • Teaching Assistant


Week 1 will focus on well-being and teamwork to settle the children into the new academic year. This will include fun, hands on, cross curricular activities throughout each day.

Week 2
Poetry : Free Verse: Pie Corbett

  • To identify features of free verse
  • to explore use of figurative language

Week 3/4
Fiction: Myths and Legends-  Topic Link

Tales of Robin Hood/KingArthur/Beowulf

  • To identify features of myths and legends
  • To develop aspects of characterisation
  • to infer writers perspectives from what is written and what is implied
  • to write own account of a traditional story

Week 5
Non-Fiction: Recounts –  Topic Link: Our Trip to West stow

  • To identify features of recounts
  • to organise writing into paragraphs
  • to use fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases

Week 6
Non Fiction: Reports – Black History Week ( Cross curricular link)

  • To identify features of reports
  • to research facts and summarise main ideas
  • to retrieve information from more than one text
  • to write a fact file

Week 7
Non Fiction: Reports – Newspaper Articles ( UFO’s)

  • To identify features of reports
  • to use layout devises such as headings, sub headings and columns

Week 2/3/4 Place Value

  • To read , write and order numbers to a million
  • to know the value of each digit
  • to count forwards and backwards in 10’s to 1,000,000
  • To read negative numbers
  • To round numbers to nearest 10, 100, 1000
  • to read and write Roman Numerals

Week 5/6 Addition and Subtraction

  • To add and subtract 4/5 digit numbers using formal methods
  • to use formal methods to solve multi-step word problems

Week 7/8 Statistics

  • To read and interpret line graphs
  • to read and interpret timetables

Taught by

Miss Rix

Earth and Space

·         To describe the Earth Sun and moon as spherical bodies

·         The Solar System

·         Night and day

·         The Sun- Shadow sticks

·        Phases of the Moon

Computing We are Game Developers

·         To create a simple animation

·         To use background tools and animation and sound commands

Topic Farmers and Fighters: Anglo Saxons

·         Where did the Anglo-Saxons come from?

·         Timeline activities

·         What kind of people were they?

·         The story of Beowulf

·         Daily life of Anglo-Saxon child

R.E. Christianity and Judaism

·         To understand signs and symbols.

·         To recognise the importance of rules

·         To understand the ten Commandments

PSHE New Beginnings: Belonging/Feelings

Values: Team Building/Diversity

MFL French: To say ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’, to ask someones name, to name musical instruments, to read and say numbers to 10.
P.E. Gymnastics: Floor work and Apparatus

Basketball: Mr Greene

Art /D and T Self Portraits/Bread making Project


Music Musical Instrument: Ukelele

To learn basic skills – stringed instrument

Current Homework

  • Homework will be set on a Monday and must be given in the following Monday.
  • Homework will consist of a grammar and maths task from a CGP book, weekly spellings and learning of times tables.
  • The children are expected to read at home each evening and record their reading in their journal.
  • P.E. Kit prefarably will be kept in school throughout the week – our P.E. sessions have been timetabled for Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon