Year 4

Welcome to the Year 4 class page! My name is Miss Hayward and I team teach with Mrs Jenkins. 

We love teaching Year 4, as this is where we become confident, independent learners ready for upper Key Stage 2.

Year 4 Staff

Mrs H Alexandrou

  • Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Jenkins

  • Teacher
  • PPA Teacher


Poetry Appreciation (Week 2):
• Read a variety of riddles and understand their features and purpose
• Write our own riddles and perform to the class

Legends (Weeks 3-5):
• Romulus and Remus – Topic Link.
• Understand the origins and purpose of legends
• Begin to use more ambitious descriptive language when writing our own legends

Newspaper Reports – Topic Link (Week 6):
• Explore the features of a newspaper report by studying real life examples
• Use pronouns and conjuntions to improve the fluency of our writing
• Write in the third person using exciting language to draw the reader in

Letters – Topic Link (Week 7):
• Understand the features found in both formal and informal letters
• Write a persuasive letter using formal language and relevant features

• Use place value to find one more and one less, ten more and ten less, one hundred more and one hundred less and one thousand more and one thousand less in numbers with up to four digits (Week 2)
• Estimate and represent numbers in a variety of ways (Week 2-3).
• Order and compare numbers beyond 1000 (Week 3).
• Count backwards through zero to include negative numbers ( Week 4-5).
• Secure fluency in times tables and division facts for all times tables up to 12X12 (Throughout)
• Read and write Roman Numerals to 1000 (Week 6-7)

Science – Sound (Taught by Miss Debnam)
• Understand how sounds are caused by vibrations
• Understand how sound can change in volume and pitch
• Explain how sound travels from the source to our ears via sound waves
• Demonstrate how sound is transmitted more easily through some materials than others


• e-safety and key skills including search engines, saving and editing work.

Topic: The Romans
• The spread of the Roman empire and its effect on modern day Britain
• Roman infrastructure and architecture
• The Roman invasions of Britain and Hadrians wall
• Roman Gods and Religion.

R.E: Learning from Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism
P.S.H.E: Value of the month
P.E: Gymnastics  and invastion games
Music: Miss Todd – Tenor Horn
D&T: Books with moving parts
 German: Miss Yunus – Colours, numbers and saying hello!

Current Homework


  • Homework will be given out each Monday and must  be returned on the following Monday morning
  • Homework will consist of: Reading, Spellings, Grammar book & Maths book. Maths and grammar books will alternate every week.
  • In Year 4, children will have a weekly spelling test.
  • Children are expected to practise their times tables at home, up to 12 x 12. This will not be tested regularly, but there will be occasional times tables challenges for them to complete.