Year 1

Hello, I am Miss Debnam, I have now been working at Abel Smith for 2 years having completed my schools direct training at the school. I am currently the class teacher in Year 1 and love the job of ensuring the children transition into key stage 1 with a passion for learning, a determination to always try their best and a love for coming to school every day! I strive to make school fun, engaging and purposeful to every individual in my class.

Year 1 Staff

Miss A Debnam

  • Teacher

Mrs J Byrne

  • Teaching Assistant





Poems about the Senses

  • To identify the five senses.
  • To identify adjectives associated with the five senses.

Stories with repeating patterns

  • Identifying sections of a story – beginning, middle and end.
  • Writing character and setting descriptions.
  • Using a capital letter and full stop.

Labels, Lists and Signs

  • Creating lists using bullet points
  • Writing labels using capital letters for proper nouns.
  • ·Creating a class display.
Handwriting- Pre-Cursive script.


Weeks 2 – 5: Place Value – Numbers to ten

  • Sort/ Count and represent objects
  • Counting forwards and backwards
  • One more and One less
  • Ordinal numbers

Weeks 6 and 7: Number – Addition and Subtraction

·         Number bonds to ten

·         Recognising the addition, subtraction and equals signs


Science Ourselves

  • How do our bodies change as we grow up?
  • The five senses
  • Learning about our body parts and how they work
  • How can we stay fit and healthy?
Topic Time Travellers

  • What is time?
  • Using words associated with the past
  • Learning about school life in the Victorian Era
R.E Being Thankful

  • How different religions show they are thankful
  • Harvest Festivals


P.E Gymnastics

  • Rolling, spinning and stretching
  • Which parts of our body do we naturally spin/roll on?
  • How can we stretch our bodies out?
Music Charanga Unit – Hey You!

  • Pitch and Volume
  • Learning lyrics to the Hey You! song
  • Playing un-tuned instruments to match a beat
PSHE Values of the Month:

September – Teamwork

  • Importance of teamwork
  • How to work well as a team

October – Diversity

  • It’s okay to be different.
  • Black History

Current Homework


  • Daily reading – recorded in the diary
  • Weekly practise of 2x tables
  • 1-2  Pages CGP set weekly – Alternate weeks Grammar/Maths (This will start in Autumn 2 after October Half Term)
  • Weekly spelling lists (given in spelling practise book) (This will start in Autumn Term 2 after October Half Term)
  • Homework will be set on a Monday and returned the following Monday – this will be the same for spellings.
  • We have P.E on Friday’s so please ensure P/E kit is in school every week.
  • It is Year 1’s Climbing frame days on Tuesday and Thursdays and they are not able to go on unless they have plimsolls or trainers so please ensure they also have the correct footwear on these days.