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Mrs Hodge



Curriculum Newsletter Summer Term 1


Curriculum Newsletter Spring Term 2


Harry Potter Studios Trip

Year 5 visited Harry Potter Studios as part of our descriptive writing unit. Our highlights were riding on a broomstick, seeing behind the scenes and learning how the costumes were created and of course.... seeing a full scale model of Hogwarts.


Curriculum Newsletter Spring Term 1


Take Over Day

Year 5 were invited to Hertford Museum to participate in 'Take Over Day', Simon Balle students presented a workshop and gave the children the opportunity to look at the artefacts.


The Great Year 5 Bake Off

In Design and Technology, Year 5 designed and made their own bread. We enjoyed a demonstration of bread making from Jane, in the kitchen and visited the Bakery at Tesco.






Anti-Bullying Week

Year 5 talked about friendships - we thought about what qualities make a good friend. We then made 'Bully-Proof' shields and created a 'power phrase' to build our confidence to deal with conflict in friendships.



Science Workshop

Mrs Bayliss, from Richard Hale, visited our class and we explored 'Forces' and had fun with our investigations. 



Black History

 We shared information about Black Sporting heroes during Black History week - role models who have inspired us.


Art Session

 Thank you to the 'mums' who helped us to design a Christmas card. We had fun and created some lovely cards - we are looking forward to seeing them printed.


West Stow

As part of our history topic we visited West Stow Anglo Saxon Village. We learned how their homes were built and how they lived.


Theatre Trip

Our Trip to Matilda was a great success. We enjoyed celebrating Dahlicious Day - a 100 years of Dahl!


Time Capsules

Year 5 had a fun start to the year sharing our Time Capsules some great holiday work!


Curriculum Newsletter Autumn Term 1